After a purchase of any DNA test with EasyDNA New Zealand, your home sample collection kit will be promptly dispatched and should arrive at your home or chosen address in less than 3 business days. The DNA testing kit is included in your DNA test purchase and contains all you require to collect your samples.

To learn the step by step process for DNA sample collection, utilize the following instructions. Click on the visual aids below to the right of image to further help you visualize the sampling procedure

DNA kit instructions

Our DNA test kit contains oral swabs (also called “buccal swabs”). Watch our brief sample collection video to learn how to collect your samples or read the more detailed step by step instructions below.

Step 1

Your kit will arrive in a discrete envelope. Each kit contains a series of colour-coded envelopes, instructions and consent forms. You have swabs for up to 3 test participants.

Step 2

Complete the consent forms from the kit in legible and clear UPPER-CASE letters ONLY. Make sure to not omit any information requested as this may lead to your laboratory analysis not being completed. You will need to send these forms back with your samples. Ensure to include the email address where you would like to get your results.

Step 3

Place the cotton end of the swab against your inner cheek and firmly rub the inner surface of both cheeks. Each swab needs to be rubbed for about 1 minute. No need to be aggressive when rubbing - it should not be uncomfortable. Repeat this process for all swabs provided for each person.

Step 4

You must allow the cotton swab to dry for 1 hour prior to placing it in the envelope. Place the swab on a counter-top edge (or upside down in a glass) – make sure the swabs are placed in such a way that the tip cannot make contact with any surface. Be careful not to touch the cotton tip of the swab as this could contaminate the DNA sample.

Step 5

Use the preaddressed envelope provided by easyDNA to return your sample to our laboratory in a timely manner. Simply place the coloured envelope containing the swabs into our envelope, attach postage and mail. If you wish to speed up delivery times or avoid postal delays, we suggest using a form of registered post or a courier service.

In a hurry? Make your own DNA collection kit at home

If you need rapid results from your DNA test and do not wish to wait for us to mail out our DNA Collection Kit to you, EasyDNA can assist you in making a fully functional kit in your home today. You can either purchase your own swabs from a pharmacy or use cotton buds. Visit this page to learn how to make your own home kit today.

Tips and information

  • Using a glass to place your swab in (upside down of course!) is an excellent way to avoid contaminating your sample in case it should fall from a counter top or table. Make sure the glass is short enough to allow the cotton-ended part to protrude above the glass rim thus, ensuring it is only in contact with the surrounding air.
  • Let samples dry apart, no matter where you place them, to avoid cross-contamination between samples from two people.
  • The sample collection process is completely safe and painless and can be performed on a person of any age, even a newborn baby.