Sibling Test

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Do you share one biological parent, or both biological parents? Or perhaps none? EasyDNA offers sibling DNA testing services to help siblings discover whether individuals tested are full siblings, half siblings or no siblings at all.

Twins DNA Test

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EasyDNA offers an accurate twins DNA test which will establish whether twins are identical or fraternal. Our test is 100% accurate and results are ready in 5-7 working days.

Grandparentage Test

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Grandparentage DNA testing can be used when grandparents need to confirm the biological relationship to their grandchild. This test will show the statistical probability that the grandparents are genetically related to their grandchild.

Aunt & Uncle Test

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The aunt-uncle DNA test (or avuncular test) will determine whether a genetic relationship exists between aunts and/or uncles and their niece and/or nephew. Avuncular test results will show you a probability of relationship between tested parties.

Y Chromosome Test

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A Y chromosome test (Y-STR test) is used to determine if males tested share the same paternal lineage. The test is highly accurate and results are provided in just 7 working days from the receipt of samples at our laboratory.

X Chromosome Test

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The X chromosome test offered by EasyDNA New Zealand can be used to determine if two or more females share the same father. It is ideal to confirm paternity in cases where the alleged father cannot be tested directly. We do not offer this test. Contact us to discuss alternative DNA tests.

Mitochondrial DNA Test

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MtDNA testing is the ideal test if you wish to establish whether you and another person or people have the same maternal line, perhaps the same mother, grandmother, great grandmother etc. MtDNA rarely undergoes genetic mutations and thus, offers very accurate results

Maternity Test

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A DNA maternity test will prove the relationship between mother and child. The maternal test results guarantee minimum probabilities in excess of 99.99%+ for inclusion of maternity and 100% for exclusion.

Why use a relationship test?

There are many reasons why individuals seek relationship tests; these tests are sometimes a great alternative when a direct parent to child DNA test, such as paternity testing, is not a viable possibility. Relationship tests are rather complex. We in fact do prefer if our clients get a free consultation from us before going ahead with a DNA test. Sometimes clients might presume that one type of test is what they need but we can place our years of DNA testing experience at your disposal and perhaps, find a better alternative you may not have thought about. We just need you to tell us what relationship you need to establish (what do you need to discover?) and whether the people needed to be tested are willing and available for the test.

Forensic samples in relationship tests

Sometimes our clients are unable to provide us with oral swab samples. In such cases, we can offer DNA forensic testing as an alternative. Our advanced forensic testing capabilities means that we can test anything from hair follicle samples to used tissues and Kleenexes to condoms and stains. Click here for more information about our forensic testing services.