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This lineage test outlines your lineage as far back as one can possibly go, thousands and thousands of years back. Ready to find out who you really are and discover your ancient genetic relatives? Begin mapping your ancestral roots with EasyDNA. Your ancestry test results (including the report and personalized map), will be ready and available via email in 4 -5 weeks after we have received your samples in our laboratory. Our turnaround time might appear somewhat long, but this is an in-depth analysis and is well worth the wait.

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The Y chromosome & your ancestry test

A whole vast, library of ancestral genetic data is stored in the genes making up your Y chromosomes. By analyzing your Y chromosome we can tell you which haplogroups’ DNA most closely coincides with yours. Think of haplogroups as small clans or groups of people sharing similar genetic characteristics. Y haplogroups (or paternal haplogroups) are those haplogroups which belong exclusively to males and their paternal line of descent. These haplogroups show us the migration patterns of our ancestors and the places in which they settled. They are an invaluable tool in ancestry and genealogy research. To determine your haplogroup we analyze single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs which constitute up to 90% of all genetic variations between individuals. These variations are repeated sequences of DNA but whilst all males will have these sequences, the number of repeated sequences will vary from person to person.

We will directly compare your Y chromosome with that of the many paternal haplogroups in or database and see which ones you have inherited your genetic material from.

Why not view our full list of haplogroups by visiting our Y-DNA haplogroup page

Paternal lineage test map paternal lineage test tree

EasyDNA New Zealand will not only provide you with your haplogroup affiliation but also indicate the parts of the world where your paternal ancestors settled, hence giving you your very own haplogroup migration map.

Besides all this, you will also receive an interesting and insightful analysis of your haplogroups, which will tell you, amongst many things, parts of the world where you can find your genetic relatives.

DNA test specifications

Paternal lineage DNA testing is offered starting at $295. This cost is for the testing of 1 person. Your results will be ready in 4- 5 weeks via email and you will be given your due date as soon as we receive your samples at our laboratory.

Are you keen at delving further into your ancestry and getting a more extended picture? Why not take both a paternal lineage and a maternal lineage test together? The discounted price for this two for one offer is of $685. Please note the duo lineage test is only available for male test participants.

Looking for the ideal present? Wouldn’t a paternal lineage test or any ancestry make a highly original present for somebody? The results are a testament of one’s origins for progeny to enjoy for many generations.

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What do you need to determine my ancestry?

We just need a tiny DNA sample to map out your paternal lineage. To help you carry out the test, we will send you a kit which contains all you need to collect the samples. We use the most simple and painless DNA sampling procedure: oral swabs. You will find these swabs along with instructions and pre-addressed return envelope inside your kit.

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