Infidelity DNA Test

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Cheating is no longer about guess work. Our infidelity DNA test is ideal to help provide a good indication of whether or not cheating has taken place. Clients can send in a variety of different samples which have roused their suspicions. An infidelity test can be carried out using a range of DNA samples including nail clippings and hairs. Once the DNA samples are at our laboratory, you will receive your comprehensive DNA analysis report in 10 working days.

Our Express Test

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Express DNA testing enables the receipt of your DNA test results in the shortest time-scales possible. At EasyDNA New Zealand we strive to accommodate and service our clients meeting their many diverse needs.

Semen Detection Testing

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Think your partner might be cheating? Have you found a stain which you suspect might be semen? Use our semen detection test.

DNA Profiles

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EasyDNA offers you the possibility of generating your own unique genetic DNA profile. Every individual has a unique genetic make-up and therefore can be identified through their profile. EasyDNA will analyse 21 genetic markers and provide you with a report that can be used to identify you uniquely. DNA Profiling can therefore be used for a wide variety of purposes.


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EasyDNA New Zealand offers an electropherogram of your DNA test results. A Personal electropherogram gives you the opportunity to view your one and only DNA sequence in the form of a computer-generated graphs which shows the DNA fragments analysed during DNA sequencing.