About This Test

Collagen is a very important protein found in muscles, bones and skin besides other parts of the body. It plays a very important, protective role when it comes to the preservation of healthy joints. Tendons and ligaments rely on collagen to remain strong, supple and healthy but some individuals may have genes which predispose them to poor collagen quality. Find out if you are one of those individuals with a joint care DNA test. The joint care DNA test takes approximately 3-4 weeks and costs $100.

Understanding how the test works

The human body carries thousands of genes with each gene carrying a set of instructions which provide information for the synthesis of proteins. Our Joint DNA test looks at a set of 9 genetic markers which are known to be directly involved in collagen production. Certain variations in these genetic markers are known to affect the quality of collagen produced resulting in a direct impact on the ligaments and joints in your body. Ultimately, your genes will play a very significant role in how your joints will alter your lifestyle as you age.

The Joint Care DNA Test Report

The result provides details information about the findings of the DNA analysis but also include:

  1. A descriptive section which simply educates you about what collagen is, how it affects your joints and provides answers to questions such as “How do I know if my joints are injured?” and “can losing weight improve your joints?”
  2. The supplements you could take to improve your joints, ease bending and moving as well as overall flexibility.
  3. The choices you should be making in your day to day life when it comes to movement, exercise and habits. These choices could have a huge effect on how your body feels and the way it responds when you carry out certain movements.
  4. A section of published research behind this test. You can find some resources and further readings amongst the list of works cited in this section.

View a sample result by clicking the below image:

Collecting DNA samples

Once you have confirmed your order, we will send you a sample collection kit. The kit will enable you to collect the DNA samples in ease and comfort of your own home. Samples are collected by means of mouth swabs which need to be rubbed inside the inner lining of the mouth and then left to dry. Click here to view a typical sample collection procedure using mouth swabs.

Consulting a specialist

Whilst some aspects of the results are easy to understand, other aspects may be more complex. Because of this we suggest you seek the advice and guidance of a specialist in the field of orthopaedics, sports medicine or physiotherapy. The guidance of a qualified individual to interpret your results and help you manage your joint care in the best possible way is important if you really want to maximize the power of these results.

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