Why take our DNA health test?

If you are the type of person that gives great importance to your well being and fitness, it is likely that you invest a lot of time and money on maintaining optimal physical health. What if you could go a step further and reveal invaluable information about your lifetime risk towards 34 major diseases? This data provides a glimpse into the future and is held within each cell inside your body, in your DNA code. Using the latest breakthrough technology, EasyDNA New Zealand offers DNA health testing you the opportunity to truly take control of your health and long-term wellbeing by discovering the likelihood of developing certain diseases.

This DNA test presents new potential for individuals, together with their doctor or genetic councillor, to customise a preventative plan that involves health checks and monitoring for any conditions that present a high lifetime risk. Furthermore, it allows you to really gain control by making informed lifestyle decisions and necessary changes to improve your physical condition and prevent the onset of disease.

What will the DNA health test result tell me?

Your personalised DNA report will provide a breakdown of each condition and a table will show your biological predisposition to each of these by ranking your lifetime risk as either low, medium or high. Our DNA health test estimates your disease susceptibility based upon your genes. Of course there are many factors which affect how likely you are to develop a disease besides your genes, including:


  • An individual’s age
  • Gender
  • Environmental factors (such as exposure to certain types of foods or neurotoxins)pre-existing medical conditions

Epidemiological studies have however, highlighted the role the our genes and the genes we inherit play in the development of certain diseases. Our genetic DNA health test test does just this: estimates your life time risk of an illness based upon your genetic makeup. The price for the Genetic Predisposition Test is $695.

Disease Categories

You can view a sample report here. EasyDNA’s genetic health test covers the following:

Your Genes, Your Future

A greater understanding of the human genome has lead to this innovative test, based on SNPs which are variations in our genetic sequence or pattern. This molecular genetic test assesses a person’s predisposition towards 34 diseases by determining if they carry genetic mutations on their DNA associated with the medical conditions covered. Not only will the report show your estimated lifetime risk for each of condition, but it will also show the average lifetime risk for the general population for comparison. The digital report is received in full colour and an easy-to-understand format, displaying your results in tables and charts along with a comprehensive explanation.

Importance of seeking medical advice

We strongly recommend that you take your result to your physician to get guidance on how to interpret the outcome of the DNA analysis. Ideally, we strongly recommend you consult with a specialist pre and post test.Although the report is extremely user-friendly, a medical professional can help to distinguish between what percentage of our heath is dictated by our genes and how much is influenced by our environment (this differs from one disease to another).

Next Step: How to order your Genetic Health test

The process for ordering is simple; you can do so directly through this website on our secure order page. The price of Genetic Predisposition DNA Health Test is only $695. Thinking of testing your family or loved one at the same time? We offer discounts for tests involving more than one person. Alternative payment methods are available to you; contact us to find out more.
Upon ordering, your genetic sample collection kit will be prepared and dispatched to any location in New Zealand including Wellington, Hamilton and Christchurch. With an office in Auckland and over 18 locations worldwide, easyDNA is the international leader offering the very latest scientific technology. Trust only an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory to handle your DNA health test.

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