DNA Testing Ancestry: The 3 different tests we offer

Biogeographical Ancestry Test

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Begin to unravel your biological roots with our new Bio-geographical Ancestry test. This exciting DNA test will allow you to trace your lineage back thousands of years and link your genetic make-up to geographical regions as far down as to sub-population levels. Find out what lies hidden in your DNA. Or why not send an exceptionally unique gift to someone you care about?

Ancestral Origins Test

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Have you ever wanted to discover your very own geogenetic links, your true ancestral heritage? You might have an idea of your recent ancestors but you can only discover your ancient, deep ancestral origins with an ancestry DNA test. Results ready in 2 weeks from receipt of samples.

Paternal Lineage Test

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EasyDNA New Zealand offers paternal lineage testing. This test is a one of a kind test that is specially aimed at providing you with the information you need to unearth the origins of your ancient paternal forefathers.

Maternal Lineage Test

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The maternal lineage MtDNA test, available from EasyDNA, allows you to explore and examine your ancient maternal foremothers- giving you the chance to identify geographical regions where your maternal ancestors came from.


Why should I perform a DNA ancestry test?
What ancestry tests do you offer?
What can our DNA test tell you?
What are haplogroups?
More information about ancestry and genealogy

Why should I perform a DNA ancestry test?

There are several reasons for carrying out an ancestry test and these include:
To increase your knowledge about the origins of your ancestors, going back thousands of years, not only for you but also for your children.
In cases adoption this test could help you discover something about your origins, perhaps confirming information obtained through genealogy research.
This amazing test could also be a unique gift! Imagine how remarkable and fascinating a gift like this would be for your friends or loved ones – a gift they would surely treasure for years and years.

What ancestry tests do you offer?

Depending on what aspect of your genetic history you wish to discover more about, EasyDNA offers three options for ancestry DNA testing. The first option looks at your DNA as a whole to determine your bio-geographic ancestral roots. The second and third options listed below focus on either your paternal or maternal ancestral lineage respectively.

AncestrybyDNA™: Our ancestral DNA originates from 4 major groups. Our DNA test will provide a percentage showing which of 4 groups your DNA most closely matches. The test analyses what we call Biogenetic markers to see with which ancestral groups you share more common genetic markers.

Y-STR Paternal Lineage DNA Testing: want to learn more about the ancient paternal roots of your forefathers, many millennia ago? Then you should opt for a paternal lineage test. With this test you can actually trace your paternal ancestry, the origins and movements of your forefather. The patrilineal ancestry test is for keener, geneaology attuned individuals wishing to hone in on this aspect of their heritage.

Maternal Lineage Testing: this test enables you to specifically locate the origins of your maternal ancestors. Find out where your maternal ancestors settled and the movements of your forbearers out of Africa and to the rest of the world.

What can our DNA test tell you?

Our ancestors have left an indelible mark on our DNA and certain regions on your DNA are known to code for ancestry, so thanks to our advanced laboratory analysis and extensive database we are able to give you matches with known anthropological groups and geographical regions where you most likely descend from.

What are haplogroups?

It is interesting to know that approximately 70,000 years ago our ancestors started migrating out of Africa and travelled to Europe, America, Asia and other parts of the world, so by discovering your haplotype, you can be linked to your ancestral haplogroup. This will tell us all about your ancestors’ migration pattern, so due to haplogroups being linked to specific environmental locations, we can link your haplogroup with that of your ancestors.

More information about ancestry and genealogy?

Let’s look into Genealogy and go a little deeper into understanding the subject – it is, to say the least, fascinating.

Genealogy is a study of descents of families and people from an ancestor or ancestors. This subject is undertaken by many people who take an interest to their personal family origins. It could be a hobby for many, a hobby that is, to say the least, very satisfying – having said this, it is also a service undertaken professionally, not just to provide a commercial service helping out individuals with their research, but also with regard to legal and financial matters.

Family history was regarded on par with genealogy, but now it relates to biographical research into one’s ancestors – aiming to create an informative history account which would be of great interest to families and all their future generations. Our ancestry DNA test is an opportunity to look at that aspect of your ancestry which no family tree or public registry document can tell you, aspects that can only be discovered with a DNA test.