BritishDNA: Discovering your Genetic Heritage

Do you want to understand the epic journey of your ancient ancestors with a special focus on British and Irish ancestry? Then the BritishDNA test is the ideal test because only a small part of your family origins and heritage can be found in books, archives or documents and much of your origins are actually printed in your DNA – so let us decipher your genetic code and unravel your roots. EasyDNA puts the science of DNA testing into investigating ancestry and genealogy.

Two BritishDNA tests available

  • Complete BritishDNA test for men $650
  • Complete BritishDNA test for women $635

Results are ready in in 12-14 weeks. Note that the price of the women’s test is reduced as you receive one less result than men.

Results of Your BritishDNA ancestry test

Note: Results of your BritishDNA test will contain 5 parts if you are female and 6 parts if you are male. The fatherline test will be excluded for females due to females not having a Y chromosome. Click on below images to view sample Fatherline and Motherline Results.

Results of Your BritishDNA Ancestry Test             Results of Your BritishDNA Ancestry Test

Your Fatherline

In order to discover your paternal lineage and directly explore your patrilineal ancestry, the BritishDNA test will analyse your paternally inherited Y haplogroup and subtype. Using this information, we can place you on the “family tree of man” (Your Y DNA tree). Your specific haplogroup will show your distribution frequencies across Britain and Ireland, and around the world. You will learn the geographical regions from which your paternal ancestors originated.  This test has the largest haplogroup subtype in the world which means we can find even the rarest of subtypes. Along with the wealth of geneaological information, you will also find a highly useful historical narrative drafted by a historian and geneticist who will personalize the narrative to your haplogroup, making the whole experience informative, scientific, accurate and fun.

Your Motherline

In order to discover your maternal lineage and explore directly your matrilineal ancestry, the BritishDNA test will analyse your maternally inherited mitochondrial DNA and subtype. The DNA findings will be placed on the mtDNA (motherline) tree, and you will be provided with haplogroup-specific distribution frequencies across Britain and Ireland, and around the world. Along with the wealth of geneaological information you will learn, you will also find a highly useful historical narrative drafted by a historian and geneticist who will personalize the narrative to your haplogroup, making the whole experience informative, scientific, accurate and fun.

All My Ancestry

Discovering your maternal and paternal ancestry just paints a part of your ancestral picture. The All My Ancestry part of this test will colour in the rest. Taking you back 6-8 generations, the BritishDNA test will analyse your DNA to look at your recent ancestry. We will look at the following aspects:

Population Percentages: Here we look for matches between your DNA and various populations around the world. This way we can establish just how much DNA you share with these populations. The percentage chart will show matches with Europe, Africa, West Asia, South and Central Asia, East and North Asia and Hispanic and Afro Caribbean.

Global Connections: A number of genetic maps will help you identify genetic clusters with which you share common DNA. These maps may include Europe, Hispanic and Afro Caribbean, Native American, Jewish, African, Sub Saharan, West Asian, South and Central Asian and East / North Asian.

Chromosome Painting: Chromosome Painting distinguishes the two copies of each of your chromosomes and determines which parts are from three major continental groups.


Wondering how much hair you will have lost by age 50 or age 70? 80% of male hair loss is down to genetic factors. The BritishDNA test examines your genotype to establish just how much hair you will have lost by a given time in your life and explain the link between baldness and genes. Knowing what the future may hold helps you make better life choices and be prepared. Whilst baldness is not a concern for women, our test will establish the baldness risk a mother has passed on to her son.

Blue Eyes

Northern Europeans are often characterized as having blue eyes. And all those who have blue eyes are descended from a single ancestor. In a span of a few millennia, the eye colour of northern Europeans changed from being predominantly brown to blue. By establishing your genotype, we can tell you whether your eye colour is rare for your genotype, and determine the chances of your children having the same eye colour as you using a child probability calculator.

Red Head

Do you carry any of the red hair gene variants (known as the MC1R gene)? Perhaps you might not have a single strand of red hair but the fact that the red hair gene is recessive means you could be carrying the red hair gene. If you have a child with red hair but neither parent has red hair, you really shouldn’t be surprised! If both parents carry a variant of the red hair gene, then their child or children may turn out to be red heads.

Note: Genetics are not the only factor involved in hair loss although genes do play a major role.


Can anyone take the test?

The test is ideal for British individuals and people of British descent but people who suspect they may have British roots can also take the test.

Can I discover my fatherline if I am female?

In order to establish your fatherline, we test the male specific Y chromosome. This means that females cannot discover this aspect of their ancestry as they do not have any Y chromosomes. If any females really wish to learn about their father line, they can do so by asking a direct male blood relative to take the test on their behalf.

How do I use my DNA sample collection kit?

The kit we send will contain all that is required to collect the DNA samples. All we need is a saliva sample which will need to be collected in the tubes provided inside the kit. The required level of saliva will be marked on the calibrated tube. Once done, you simply snap the lid closed allowing a special preserving solution to be mixed with the spit.

What are the options for my results?

The results are dazzling, detailed, easy to follow and truly informative. We also provide two options: you can either download the results directly from the site or receive a hardback copy, personalized with your name on the front – this will take 7-14 days after your online results are available.

What is a Haplogroup?

Think of a haplogroup as an ancestral clan or a large family to which you belong. A new haplogroup is born when a very specific new mutation occurs. All descendants will carry that mutation. That mutation defines that haplogroup. It takes hundreds, if not thousands of years for the haplogroup to be seen in thousands of individuals but all these individuals would be the descendants of a single ancestor.

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