About EasyDNA New Zealand

Based right here Auckland, EasyDNA New Zealand has been in operation for more than 10 years serving thousands of satisfied clients throughout the country and globally. We coordinate with a variety of local clinics, hospitals, and private care givers to deliver state of the art DNA testing options throughout New Zealand, including the cities of Hamilton, Christchurch and Napier.

Our experience

EasyDNA operates in more than twenty five countries delivering the latest technology and a high level of customer service to a growing base of clients the world over. Our laboratory offers clients reliable, confidential and highly accurate results and a myriad of DNA testing options. The company has operated in the DNA test and analysis industry for over many years and uses this vast experience to provide high-level service and quality to our customers. To learn more about our international network or find one of our international offices, please visit the contact us page.

Our quality guarantee

EasyDNA realizes that there are options in the marketplace today for customers to solve their DNA testing needs. For this reason we have strived to be the number one provider of DNA services to our clients extending the highest guarantee of quality service in the industry. Over the last 10 years EasyDNA has performed and certified the results of more than 300,000 unique DNA tests. This quantity of DNA tests provides EasyDNA with a unique level of experience and quality precision.

We firmly believe that our business is wholly dependent on the level of satisfaction we provide to our clients across the world. We further understand that in many cases where a DNA test is necessitated, high levels of stress and emotion on the part of the test participants as they search for answers are involved. At EasyDNA we go above the call of service to provide a comprehensive and thorough customer service experience; guiding our customers through the DNA testing process step by step.

Throughout the years, EasyDNA has been featured in a variety of television programmes, radio interviews and soap opera plots. Due to our exceptional reputation in the industry, we have assisted in resolving several high-profile cases throughout the years.

A large selection of DNA testing options

With the level of sophistication in genetic testing available in the world today, EasyDNA is able to master these techniques and thus deliver a varied portfolio of DNA testing options to our clientele. Our clients can choose between a whole host of DNA testing options including relationship testing to identify related family members, paternity testing or twins (zygosity testing). With our state of the art forensic laboratories, EasyDNA is now able to perform DNA tests using samples from a variety of sources including teeth, sperm, bones, and hair.

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If you are interested in discussing the details of your DNA case or have questions regarding EasyDNA, please contact us via email, telephone or Live chat or via our Contact us Page