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DNA Testing in New Zealand

Leave your entire DNA testing from beginning to end in our experienced hands. With over 9 years of experience, EasyDNA New Zealand is your international Australian-owned company based in Auckland providing accurate, reliable, and affordable DNA testing for your peace of mind and assurance. We offer an accredited paternity test for one alleged father and child for only $345. There are NO EXTRA FEES. This price includes the paternity test kit to collect the samples, the DNA sample analysis, and the final report confirming the result. All of our home paternity tests are analysed with state-of-the-art genetic identification systems using comprehensive genetic marker. This means you will get the clear-cut answers that you need quickly and with a company you can trust.

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We understand that you need results on which you can rely and a customer-service experience that is professional and smooth. We train our customer service team to be in top form, ready to help you in any way you need. We have a live chat service and call back system available to promptly and professionally answer your queries. Our home paternity test results are available within 5-7 working days of your samples being received by the laboratory. If the alleged father is not the biological father he will be 100% excluded. We also offer a highly accurate and 100% safe and non-invasive prenatal paternity test. EasyDNA aims to maximise your satisfaction, giving you the most stress free service. Our tests are highly accurate with an accuracy level of up to 99.999%+ in the cases of an inclusion where the man tested is the biological father of the child. Once you complete the order, your easy to use home DNA test kit will be sent out to the mailing address that you provide and received in just a few days. You can rest assured that your privacy will be fully respected, and that your testing kit will be packaged discreetly.

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To us, it’s more than just offering you a service and quality is not just a word. We strive to achieve excellence and go beyond your expectations.


Put your mind at rest. Your results will be accurate. Our DNA testing laboratories are internationally certified and regularly audited.

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We are here for you. Our customer care team is ready to respond to all your queries promptly, professionally and sympathetically.

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A leading provider of DNA testing in New Zealand, our company was also featured on the local current affairs program 20/20. The story centred on Keith Mitchell, who was abandoned as a baby in a phone box. EasyDNA was called upon to see if Keith had finally found his birth mother through a sibling. Clients come to us with many different relationship queries. We understand that they simply need answers quickly and without stress. A range of relationship tests is available, through which we can give you the answers that you need. We have dealt with cases of adoption, cases of immigration with test participants living across the world, and countless other sensitive or complex cases which we consistently solved with 100% success – your test will be no exception. We offer aunt/uncle DNA testing, grandparentage testing, sibling DNA testing and many other tests.

Sample collection

Sample collection for our paternity tests and relationship tests is uncomplicated and will take up just a few minutes of your time. Using our kit, you can collect samples in the ease and comfort of your own home. Samples can be painlessly and quickly collected using oral swabs – even from new born babies. Just rub the swabs inside your mouth for around ten seconds, remove and then allow them to dry. Send them to us for testing and wait for your results. If you cannot collect oral swab samples, you can send us a range of other samples you might have at hand; analysis can also be performed using different samples such as hair, toothbrushes, items of clothing, and cigarette butts. Visit our DNA Forensic Testing section for more information or just contact us to discuss the feasibility of your sample and the chances of success with the sample you have.

Cutting edge technology

non-invasive prenatal paternity test that uses only blood samples and which poses no risk whatsoever for the baby or the mother. For this test, we extract more than 2,688 sequences of DNA which we technically call Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms to provide results that are 99.9% accurate. Another prenatal test that we have recently launched is a 99% accurate, urine based DNA test to determine baby gender. If you need to find out whether you are having a baby boy or baby girl, you can find out with our test - which is the most accurate test available- starting at just 9 weeks.

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Authorities, Australia. Our legal immigration and legal tests can be presented as legal evidence of a biological relationship between alleged relatives.

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Results were very quick from the time of delivery to the lab. It only took 5 days and that was over the Christmas holidays!
Canada, 24th December 2017
The service was beyond my expectations, thank you!
South Africa, 16th December 2017
Thank you for fast results and excellent communication!
United States of America, 8th November 2017
Very satisfied! Even more thrilled that I received the results earlier than expected!
Canada, 4th November 2017
Thank you! You saved my life. I’m not the father! Very fast results came before the date said.
United States of America, 1st May 2017