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Baby Gender Testing in New Zealand - Is it a boy or a girl?

Gender Prediction Testing: Baby Boy or Baby Girl?

Pregnant and want to know the sex of your baby? easyDNA New Zealand offers the most advanced and accurate gender prediction test which does not require finger pricks or blood samples. Our test is a urine-based DNA test that provides 99% accurate result. No more guessing or relying on baby gender myths and old wives tales. For only NZD425 you can find out if it's a boy or a girl!

Differences between KnowtheGender & other tests



Blood Based Test

Non Laboratory Tested

Sample Type

50-100ml Urine

Blood, finger bleed, blood draw

Urine Sample


99% accurate

80%-95% accurate (as claimed)


Turnaround Time

5-10 working days 

Varies between 3-10 working days (incl. express option)

Few minutes

Time at which you carry test

9th week of pregnancy

9th week of pregnancy

No time specified

Our predictor test has been scientifically validated. Cabbage tests, Drano tests, Chinese Calendars and hormone based tests have not been scientifically validated. These tests provide a 50% chance of getting the right results just by random chance.

Real client testimonial:

"Just thought I'd let you know that I've just had the results of my amnio and the blood test from Nimble Diagnostics was wrong, but your results were right and it is a girl. Many thanks."  S.H.,  21st October 2013

Male or female? Predicting the sex of your baby

Typically, many boy or girl prediction tests are done using a lancet to prick to prick your own finger and collect a few drops of blood onto a special type of absorbent paper. Advances in the field of DNA tests means that today you can steer clear of such uncomfortable procedures and carry out a gender DNA test with urine. We are proud to be one of the first companies to offer this non-invasive test.

Our gender test requires DNA analysis in a laboratory. Scientists need to analyze the maternal urine samples you provide to determine the sex of the unborn baby. Fetal sex determination involves detecting the presence of the Y chromosome in the urine sample provided. If a Y chromosome is detected then you are expecting a baby boy. If no Y chromosome is detected, then this clearly confirms that you are expecting a baby girl.


Ultrasounds: baby boy or baby girl?

Studies have shown that ultrasounds to determine fetal sex have an accuracy rate of less than 85% before 12 weeks and greater than 98% accurate at 21 weeks post-conception. Moreover, ultrasonography and fetal anatomy surveys should not be carried out purposely to find out the sex of the baby. Fetal sex determination can be done much earlier and with a higher accuracy rate with just a sample of maternal urine. In fact, our baby gender test can be carried out as early as the 9th week from the time of conception.

How do I order my baby sex verification test?

You can proceed to our order page and place your order. Alternatively, you may contact easyDNA to discuss your case.

Standard results are ready in 7-10 working days. We can offer a 4-6 working day rush service at an additional cost if you wish to shorten the turnaround time.

To calculate how far along you are visit our Calculate Conception page. For more information on gender prediction testing refer to our FAQ section.

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