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Alleged father in Prison and Need a Paternity Test?

Alleged father in Prison and Need a Paternity Test?

The scenario of paternity testing when the father is in prison is quite rare. Every child deserves to have the knowledge of who their biological parents are, their history, and where they came from. Every person gets curious about this kind of stuff at least once in their lifetime.

There may even be instances where a mother might need to have their child’s alleged father tested for custody or child support issues. But what if the alleged father is in prison? What do you do? How do you get a paternity test? 

Paternity testing is a pretty simple procedure. In just a few minutes the sample can be collected and sent off for analysis. Even DNA analysis these days is a short process. However, the DNA sampling procedure can be difficult if it needs to be done in prison, not the procedure itself, but arranging when and how the procedure can be done. If the prisoner is not willing to go along with getting paternity testing then you might have to go through a court of law and get a judicial paternity test. If the other party is not willing to have the paternity testing done on them, then the request will need to go through the courts once more, and the paternity test court ordered. Depending on the situation, the judge may decide to issue the court order either whilst the convict is still incarcerated or may chose to postpone the DNA test till after the prison sentence is over.

Contacting the Prison Facility / Correctional facility

The institution to contact in New Zealand is the Department of Corrections. Here you can get contact information about all the prisons and Community Probation Services centres, If both parties agree on the need to do a DNA test all that is needed is an at home paternity test and you might be able to get things done without resorting to lengthy court proceedings. The prison will have a protocol in place or a particular procedure for when it becomes necessary to collect the DNA samples forms the inmates. Of course, you will not be able to approach the alleged father yourself and swab him. The prison will have a prison warder in charge of collecting the DNA samples for the test. The best place to start is to simply contact the prison facility for their guidance and see what they tell you.

There are also some cases where home DNA tests can be purchased at normal drugs stores, and with the prison’s permission, the test be brought in during the visitation session, and be done during the visitation. Before the tests are completed, you will need to call the prison and speak to the warden, to get it approved that a test be brought in, because a lot of prisons are strict and let nothing be brought in or handed over to convicts because of safety purposes.

If prisoner is the one wishing to initiate the paternity test, the situation is more complex.  In most cases this can’t be done without the other parent’s consent or without a judge ordering that it be done. You might have further issues if the alleged father does not want to submit to the paternity test.

So, with that being said, paternity testing can be completed in prison, it just might take some time and the assistance of a number of people.

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